The History Of Commercial Cleaners

The History Of Commercial Cleaners

Janitors have been around a while during the modern day, and they’ve got a pretty interesting history behind them. They carry all the keys to a certain building, and are pretty instrumental in keeping a business running.

For as long as people have made messes there has been people designated to clean them up. Typically this involved some form of social hierarchy, because why would a king or emperor clean up their own messes if they could ask a servant to do it? But over time as those social barriers dissolved, the need for cleaning still remained.

The first commercial cleaning company was formed in 1968 in Norman, Oklahoma. A student realized that he needed to supplement his income, and decided to market a cleaning service for local businesses. The deal was that he would come into businesses after his classes in the afternoon and clean for them.

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The student’s name was Jim Cavanaugh, and he founded the business Jani-King, which would grow into a franchise. This inspired others to follow suit, and the commercial cleaning services in Seattle, WA industry was born. Now commercial cleaners work in businesses, schools, residential areas, and many students follow in the footsteps of Jim Cavanaugh by taking night jobs as cleaners.

It’s interesting to think that an international commercial cleaning service, as well as the industry itself was launched by a college student in need of some money. It does go to show you just what one person can do, if they hit upon the right idea at the right time.